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Stressed out? Not able to meet the deadlines?
That is a common scenario in most of the translation agencies.
It is dangerous, especially with critical and time-bound projects if delivery schedule is not met.
You stand a risk of being penalized or worse, losing a profitable client!

There are translation agencies that mushroom overnight and claim they can follow the deadlines! Chances are high that they deliver a half-baked product!
Their employees are amateur translators and obviously, the quality gets affected!
To top it all, they charge higher rates but give low quality services.

Say Bye to those problems and say Hi to Fastbird

Get Translations and localizations faster with Fastbird and fly higher!
What does Fastbird have that other agencies do not?

We can provide you with a daily turnaround of 15,000 words!
We also localize!
We cater from blue chip to medium and small size companies.

Our specialty: No machine translation, editing and double proofreading, peer review.
Our translators are native speakers of the language and are professional.
All this ultimately adds to the best quality.

You do not believe it, do you?
It is very much true. It is a new and exciting concept. Try it to believe it.

Just put your critical projects into our Fastbird-Basket, it is big enough to accommodate them all and within minutes, you will receive an email in your inbox giving you the quote and a confirmation of your deadline.

You have more than 15,000 words. Do not worry. We can double the size of our Fastbird basket!

So why wait? Start putting your translation documents together and hit the send button. We have opened our in-box and waiting for your documents.

Do get in touch with us to know more about our competitive translation services and company.

It will be a win-win situation, we promise.

Here you can upload your files and choose your languages.
Our team will take a look and send you an offer!

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