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Your business horizon extends beyond the German borders to the neighbouring countries. Perhaps, it stretches far beyond across West, East, North and South Europe and also want to have the global market in the eye and have bring new insights for the company.

Then you need professional journalists who can take this task from you. Since nobody can be everywhere at once.

What you need, is a person who particularly sees through the connection between the financial and economic market, understands it on the basis of its technical competence and is able to convincingly "translate" this to a broad audience.
This is one of the primary functions of the journalistic profession.

Journalists in this area are rare. We have put ourselves on finding the best of them. And we have found them. Everywhere in the world they are up to date, identify new streams, arrange them into existing systems, and are able to formulate their messages with such precision that even a layman can understand.

And – most importantly: They stand with their education, with their skills and last but not the least with their name for the authenticity of their message. During their studies they have learned that they will disappear from the journalism market if they do not distribute clean-researched news. Journalists who work at international level not just trust one source. They always question and undertake several interviews.

Only if they are absolutely sure that the content of their article is incontestable from all sides, only then they will actually forward the contribution to the ​​public.

It was a long road for us as a company to find journalists who meet these high standards.

We could invite them because we do not compromise our own standards.
As only then can we be the best in this market.

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