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Globalization has opened cultural doors. We at The Languagehouse will help you to pass through these doors and look at the language world inside. We are a team of many experienced translators, who not only know the language but also the culture and customs in the respective language areas. 

The pillars of our services are high quality translation, speed and reliability. We have optimized our processes to the maximum. We have set high goals and are not afraid to push limits. When you strive hard to attain goals, success comes faster. It does not have to be in commercial terms but on other levels too.

Our translations - Your key to success

Business must be done ​​where there are thriving markets. Gaining entry in these markets is not easy. It is not just the foreign languages, but also the customs and the customs that prevail in the country with rich markets that matter. Of course, many people fit the concept of language skills. You have to ‘feel’ the language in order to translate it. This ‘feeling’ is missing in the so-called CAT-tools. They are used for translation of texts into a foreign language. 

They guarantee cost-effectiveness because they are quick and easy. Do they really hit the right note? The first communication with a client is the most important because it determines the success or failure of the business. A single error can prove to be fatal for the business. 
With our support, such errors can be completely avoided.

What is to be considered when translating

A translation carried out in accordance with DIN 2345 standard is not only right. It is written in a perfect quality and style. There are nationalities, which would simply say usage of ‘you’ is rude. This is incomprehensible for the speaker or writer from the other nation.
The reason is not the people but the customs. 
Certain countries have certain stylistic things in communication. People who have been studying the language can only know these stylistic things. In order to understand the subtleties of language, the translator should have lived in countries where their language is spoken. This is the only way to be sure that the translation is actually correct. You will not receive any translation from us, which is not double-checked for errors. A standard alone does not ensure quality; the professionals in their field must provide the quality.

Behind a good translation is a successful organization

Our team has a workflow system in place that has been specifically tailored to the translations and serves to maintain the quality and the deadline, or in short satisfying the needs of our customers. However, the best workflow process is worthless if it is not followed. Finally, the translation should not only be accurate but also be on time at your desk. Our job does not get over unless we deliver the final product to you and get a satisfactory feedback.  We have the ATA, the American Translators Association affiliation. We follow standards determined by the ATA.

Languages fascinate us and we look at each translation job as a welcome challenge. If you require high-level translations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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