The quality of the translator is crucial

Aualtität bei Übersetzungen

Keeping customer requirements in mind, we have chosen the best talent in the market. To ensure high quality of our work, we as an agency, have hired translators who specialize in specific domains.

Experience has shown that the one, who assumes everything, actually knows nothing and the one who actually works and give results knows almost everything.

  • "New Media”: We only hire professionals who are familiar and have a degree in new media. This is a booming field and in order to work in this field one needs to be thoroughly acquainted.  Not only education, one has to have a passion for media to survive and be successful in this area
  • "International Journalism": We can only use journalists who have learned to think in global contexts. Our day and night search has yield good results. We have found and hired journalists who have either completed an appropriate course or already gained extensive experience in operations abroad
  • "Translations": A study of language alone does not make one a translator. Only those who can capture a language in its subtlety can really translate any text correctly and vividly. You should be able to eat, drink and think in that language if you call yourself an expert. We only hire translators who prove their mettle

We expect experience, reputation, work samples, and of course certificates from our professionals.

When you place an order with us, rest assured it will be processed quickly, professionally and top notch. Our employee selection process is rigorous and we hire only after the interviewee meets all criteria. Your satisfaction is our success.

Your translation is in good hands

We are breaking new ground in the field of translation. To maintain this extremely high standard and quality, we make sure our employees are kept up to date with the latest tools and technology. We encourage and sponsor our employees to attend training courses and seminars. Whatever they learn in these courses is implemented in their daily work and that in turn improves the quality and speed.

Our employees are happy working for us as they get rewards for efforts they put in. We value their work and dedication. We are one big family helping each other grow and develop.

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